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Group of Information in One Place –

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Understand the progress of keyword performance – Serpple Score

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Well organized keyword groups & easy to track

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Absolute SERP Tracking with in-depth details like our SERP legend elements

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Hunt your known/unknown competitors with the help of AI

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Competitors are monitored the same as yours including SERP, ads, and others.

SERP Marketing without Serpple

How are other SEO Tool getting it done
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Information spread everywhere and is hard to Analyze

Component cross 1 | Serpple

Tracking overall keyword performance is challenging

Component cross 1 | Serpple

Keyword grouping is just tagging them as a group

Component cross 1 | Serpple

Track regular SERP details, just the tip of the iceberg

Component cross 1 | Serpple

You are supposed to mention competitors & teach the tool to track

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Selected competitors & their rank comparison is the highest level

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Data-Driven SERP Insights to
Outgun the Competitors

Best SEO tool to get your daily rankings, analyze your keywords, and
check your potential keyword metrics at your convenience.

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Get started in less than 3 minutes.

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Track your keywords across 189 countries.

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Access more than 20+ advanced SERP elements.

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Watch Every Step of Your Organic Growth

You get the bird’s-eye view of all key SERP features on your project from our interactive dashboard.
Eager to find out how your website is performing in Google?

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Organic Progress

Snapshot of your SEO Progress

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Observe your SEO performance from our dynamic graphs in the wink of an eye.

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Weigh the overall organic progress of your potential keywords with our Serpple score.

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Discover the distribution of your keywords’ position from #1 to #100, all of them in one place with our all in one SEO tool

SEO tool Progress
SEO Tool - mastermind your next move
Keyword Tracking

Mastermind your next move

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Sort your keywords into groups with relevant tags.

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Observe the performance of those individual groups in the grid view.

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Evaluate the organic performance of each group to plot a better game plan.

SEO Tool - mastermind your next move
Competitor AI

Competitor AI to Spy on Your Competitors

Tick 1 | Serpple

Serpple bot uncovers all your competitors with similar keywords.

Tick 1 | Serpple

Stalk not just the rankings but a few other metrics of your competitors.

Tick 1 | Serpple

Track down when your competitors run ads for your keywords.

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Don’t miss a single track of their organic progress with our SEO tool.

free SEO Tool Competitor activity

You neither know all of your competitors nor all about your competitor.

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Custom Notifications

Get the Nudge Whenever You Need

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Customized notification system to avoid spamming your inbox every day.

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Get hyper-relevant alerts to your mailbox only if you feel is important to keep a look at .

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Add team members or clients to receive curated alert notifications directly to their inboxes.

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You should be consistent in your SEO progress to sustain your dominance in your niche. And, we find
great joy and honor that Serpple is serving as a top SEO tool and a good companion throughout your SEO journey.

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All in one SEO tool - Serpple was crafted not just to track your rankings but to ensure your organic progress with
reliable SERP metrics. Your SEO success is our purpose. All set to Start Serppling?

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What is Serpple?

Serpple is a highly advanced SEO tool that aids users to level up their SEO progress by tracking the ranking progress of their keywords with absolute accuracy and by precisely measuring their overall organic performance.

Will I get any future updates irrespective of my subscription plan?

Yes! You’ll get updates each time we upgrade our tool with remarkable features. It’s a promise in disguise, we will be adding new features periodically.

How does Serpple - SEO tool stand unique from the rest?

SEO tool – Serpple stays unrivaled in terms of its accuracy users can get 99.5% accurate data quality. And, they also get to measure their overall organic performance and stay updated with SERP changes.

Is Serpple a free SEO tool?

Yes! Serpple has a free plan for its users with powerful features These features will be limited as per the plan. Users on exploring the free plan, can upgrade to pricing plan based on their needs anytime.

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