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Do you know?

If you are doing SEO, but you are not in the trend or not updating yourself along with the search engines. Then your SEO tactics and the same old SEO methodologies will not work anymore.

As an SEO expert, you have to regularly monitor the SEO industry news and the Google search engine rankings algorithm, and many more. Because SEOs mainly depend on search engine algorithms to rank the websites. And on the other hand, the various types of SEO tools are there for you to reduce your burden.

Also, many advanced SEO tools are available that were built with advanced technologies and many unexpected features to keep excited the tool users.

On par with that, we recently launched our latest version of Serpple, the most advanced keyword rank tracker. Serpple is an advanced tool because we built Serpple by keeping in mind the pain points of SEOs struggling with other regular rank tracking tool.

So, this blog will let you gain an overview of the Serpple 3.0 version. This way you can understand the most advance rank tracker in a much better way.

How is Serpple The Most Advanced Keyword Rank Tracker?

The Serpple the best keyword tracking software is designed to overcome the shortcomings that all the SEOs have met while using other normal rank trackers.

And Serpple’s unique features make every SEOs helpful to plan their SEO strategy and analyze their progress effectively.

For example,

Serpple is well known for its accuracy, YES! Serpple tracks your keyword rankings with 99.5% accuracy.

Other than your keyword rank tracking software tools, Serpple makes users readable through its colorful visual representations, the dynamic graphs.

To measure your overall organic performance of every project, make use of the Serpple score out of 100

Here I have listed some of the unique features in Serpple which are common for all users.

  • Instant Refresh option to get the fresh ranking data
  • The Current Google SERP view and the best google SERP view
  • Featured snippets tracking
  • Google search ads tracking
  • Rating snippets tracking
  • Trending keywords and deviating keywords
  • Customizable email reports
  • Customizable grids
  • know your SERP competitors
  • Get your domain information
  • The total number of organic results for every keyword
  • Add notes for every keyword
  • Keyword search volume history for 1 year
  • Identify keyword cannibalization
  • Identify Keyword’s typo error

Apart from the above-listed features, there are so many other features in the Serpple platform. All these make Serpple the best rank tracker in 2022.

Yet, don’t panic!

Tooltips have been provided in all the pathways of the Serpple to make you understand the platform with ease. So, you don’t need to spend more time exploring Serpple.

Let’s move on to know about the main pages of the Serpple platform and understand the purpose of those pages.

All Projects Page:

This is the first place where you will land on accessing the platform after completing the signup process.

Exactly as its name sounds, on the “All Projects” page you will get key information on all of your project’s organic performance along with colorful dynamic graphs.

This page provides you the Serpple score, improved, declined, and first position keywords for every project in each padding.

This Serpple score aids to track your project’s contemporary progress. It also portrays the best score you earned before, which will help you to know your potential.

All project

Serpple follows a standard color format for the Serpple score to help you easily analyze your organic progress effectively.

  • The Purple color indicates a raise
  • The Green color indicates no change
  • The Red color indicates a fall

Also, this page shows you the number of projects, keywords, and refreshes that you have used out of a total limit (based on your subscription) in the index itself. It helps you to be aware of your usage.

Dashboard Page:

The dashboard page helps to monitor and analyze your progress clearly through six types of widgets.

The Today’s Serpple Score widget assists you in monitoring and comparing your day-to-day serpple score. This widget has an option to view the history of your Serpple score.

Based on the particular day’s keyword improvement and deterioration, you will find your performance level under the What’s up today widget with dynamic graphs for better understanding.

What’s on top today widget categorizes your keyword rankings and shows you separately the number of your keywords ranked in the first position, second position, third position, 4 -10 positions, 11 – 100 position, and the number of not ranked keywords.

Serpple dashboard

Serpple considers trending keywords and deviating keywords by analyzing the keyword’s previous month’s search volume with the current month’s search volume. These “Trending keywords” and “Deviating keywords” widget helps to prioritize and focus the keywords that will bring you the traffic.

The favorite keywords widget shows you the rankings of the keywords that you have marked as your favorite keywords. This widget simply eases your work.

The Cannibalization widget lets you know if our tool has spotted cannibalization of any of your keywords. If so, you can deiced on how to fix keyword cannibalization or ignore it.

You can customize these seven widgets.

Serpple has a “Manage Widgets” option to enable or disable the widgets that you have to see on this page.

Keywords Page:

Here is the most awaited page, in this “Keywords” page you will get the keyword ranking details along with more than 12 SERP features.

The overview section of this page shows you the various tables to better understand how your keywords performing on SERP.

Serpple keywords

Mainly Comparison, SERP features, and Google search ads are very important things in this overview section to monitor.

The “Comparison” table is designed to compare your current rankings with the best ranking that you have attained.

You will find how many of your keywords are ranked with star ratings on SERP and how many of your keywords are ranked in featured snippets in the “SERP Features” table

Google Search Ads will help you to analyze the number of other ads and the number of your ads that are present above the fold, below the fold, and in both above and below the fold.

The “Total Keywords” section of this page is the place where you can track the rankings of the individual keywords with various other metrics.

Schedule Report Page:

Serpple makes everything simple. Many people export the keyword rankings and then share them with their clients or reporting persons.

As a Serppler, you don’t need to follow this traditional method. Rather than doing this, you can simply add the respective person’s mail id and set the interval frequency.

Then Serpple will take care of it by sending the reports to the particular email id with the periodic interval at the frequency you choose.

Serpple can send reports either as PDF or in CSV format. You can choose the format that you need on this page.

Notification Settings Page:

As we promised we won’t send you annoying emails every day, there is a “Notification Settings” option. This lets you enable or disable the emails that you want to receive in your inbox as per your need.

Serpple notification settings


I want to conclude this blog with what made me feel very secure about using this Serpple platform.

Serpple asks the users to type “DELETE” before they choose to delete a particular project of their choice.

Because sometimes we could delete our account accidentally. And, to prevent such mishaps Serpple ensures that you are aware of what you are doing.

Moreover, Serpple doesn’t promise to hold any backup of your data. For that reason, it verifies before deleting the account.

Hope everyone by now would have understood that the Serpple platform is more advanced and at the same time user-friendly.

Isn’t this what technology is all about? More advanced so that to make things easy for users.

Yes! And this is what makes Serpple the modern and the most advanced keyword tracking tool.

Don’t stop yourself by just reading this blog. Go beyond the limitations and start experimenting with everything that is helpful for your SEO.

Serpple is always with you, start exploring the most advanced keyword rank tracker.

Find it out for yourself all about Serpple by utilizing its exclusive features.

“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” says Maya Angelou.

Like how the quotes sound, our Serpple team was working.

So why are you thinking?

Start using Serpple
Start tracking and start cracking!!!

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