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Accurate! Not slow

SERPPLE Makes keyword rank checking faster, precise and done with ease.

Efficient! Not Fixed

Get to Specify the device, language, and locations for all of your keywords under one project

No shallow metrics!

Covers most of the SERP details and gives deeper insights than any other keyword rank checker

Features Beyond Compare

We work to discover users' SEO goals and fuel their desires. Thus, our tool’s features are outlined to make you get addicted to SERPPLING.

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How our Keyword rank checker sticks out from the rest?

Name any feature, an SEO analyst would be familiar with it. And, it will also be on the list of other ranking tool’s features. So, What is different?

Instant Rank Tracking
View keywords in Preferred Format
Single dashboard for all metrics
Customisable notifications

Make it simple with Serpple

Every SEO expert and marketer needs something more to analyze and improve their performance. As the best keyword rank checker, Serpple makes it possible in their SEO journey.

Serpple Score

The tool does not stop with keyword rank checker alone. It also weighs your overall organic performances based on all keywords positions and a few other metrics.

Complete SERP Features

Beyond keyword rank checker, SERPPLE parses Google ads, reviews, featured snippets, knowledge panel, images, news box, twitter pack, video pack, related questions and much more.

SERP checker dashboard

We intend making it second to none

Serpple founder is fond of many Keyword rank checking tools and he knows the pain of missing pieces in every tool he tried. So, Serpple will evolve into a complete tool.

Stop Spamming
Stop Spamming

Serpple do not send emails unless you trigged it for relevant actions. We value your email inbox and it's notification

Not User-friendly
Not User-friendly

It's data friendly. Google analytics tool focuses on the data to improve user experience. So we focus more on metrics.

Annoying notifications
Annoying notifications

We value your time so you can choose when to get notified. No more hundreds of notifications for a keyword.

SERP checker compact Dashboard

Hand-pick your keyword’s view

List or Grid?

List view format will display all metrics in one column facilitating better understanding.

Grid view format allows grouping of keywords based on Devices, Countries, Tags and Favorite for detailed view. 

All in One Dashboard

Dashboard covers most of what you need like What is on Top today, Today’s keywords activity, Serpple score fluctuations along with all your keywords in the dashboard itself. SERPPLE never lets you miss anything.

Other features you cannot miss

There more features that you cannot miss on your organic traffic plannings

Search Volume

Prime metric for your organic traffic planning is Search volume and its history. We lay-out one year's ranking history of your keywords.

Competitors and Ads

All your SERP competitors are collected and stored. Any of your competitors out of the list dominating your SERP by ads will also be mentioned.

Scheduled reports

Specify your time and date and get the update of your keyword rankings. Rest is taken care of in Serpple.

Brand Conquering

You will be notified when any of your competitors runs ads for any of your brand or your keywords.

Sinu thomas | Serpple
Sinu thomas DM Expert

Accurate track of rankings, Daily reports, Support, UI and Affordable cost compared to other service providers.

Muhammad | Serpple
Muhammad Manager

SERPPLE APP - Perfect SEO tool for tracking all the keyword ranking metrics and what I like it's accurate and suggests to us which keywords are cannibalization too.

Adam 1 | Serpple
Adam DM Consultant

I am glad to know this tool and the founding team behind this great tool.


Our users feedback on the SERPPLING experience.

We act on what our users say! Thus our testimonials describe our reputation so far and what is to come..

These guys are using Serpple Rank Tracker and they are more than happier ever

Innovation Starts with Questioning!

We've provided many insights about our unique rank checker. Yet, you can reach out to our agents on live chat and get your queries answered if any.

How does Google Rank checker work?

We have developed our own engine to get to the actual Google SERP pages with the given parameters. From those actual pages, the ranks and other information will be parsed.

Can this Rank checker help with backlinks?

No. It’s not a tool for backlinks or any automation to improve your organic traffic. It’s an all-time monitor to check your organic metrics.

Can I try this tool without Credit card?

Yes you can try it. Use the 14 days free trial without adding your credit card details. When you are happy with the tool’s functionality, choose a plan that suits your needs and then add your credit card.

Can I add multiple regions in One project?

Yes. You can add multiple regions and even multiple devices in one single project for different keywords or the same keywords. Our systematized grid view will show them separately.

Will I get future updates with my plan?

Yes! You’ll get updates each time we upgrade our tool with remarkable features.It’s a promise in disguise, we will be adding new features periodically.

Can I cancel my subscription anytime?

Yes! Your money is safe with us. In case you don’t wish to continue using our tool, you can cancel the subscription anytime. You can connect with us and claim a refund for unused days of subscription.

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