How to Delete Keywords?

To delete the keywords, go to the “Keywords” page. There are two ways to go to the “Keywords” Page.

1. The first one is by selecting it from the Sidebar of the platform


Delete keywords


2. And the other one is from the “Dashboard” page by clicking the “Keywords” option at the top of that page.


delete keywords


By following any one of these ways, you will be directed to the “Keywords” page. On the “Keywords” page, go to the “Total Keywords” table which is below the “Overview” section by scrolling.

On the “Total keywords” table, there is a “checkbox” in the left corner for every keyword. By clicking the checkboxes for the keywords that you want to delete, it will be marked with a “tickmark”.


delete keywords


After marking the keywords that you want to delete, then go to the top of the table. There is a delete option with a delete icon, which is placed in the center of the “Refresh” and “Column”.

After clicking the delete icon, a popup will appear in the center of the screen. You need to click the “Confirm” option in the popup to delete the keywords that you have marked in the checkbox.

Note: Once you delete the keywords, their history will also be lost.

I hope you find this article useful and solve your doubt about deleting keywords in your project. If you have any other doubts search for relevant help articles or contact our support team by using the live chat widget on the bottom right corner of the website or send your query to [email protected].