Desktop widgets explained

Serpple is designed to present the metrics in a proper way so that the maximum information will be prompted in the dashboard itself. Three top widgets on the dashboard takes various metrics to give brief information about daily updates.

Widget #1: What’s up today?

Whatsup today

This widget gives the history of improved and declined keywords numbers for the last 15 days. Activity level has three label. “Low” indicates number of keywords improved is less than number of keywords declined. “Good” indicates number of keywords improved is better than declined counts.  “Bad” indicates number keywords declined is unusual. To get the history of one year data one can click the history button on the right bottom.

History of What’s up today

Widget #2:  What’s on top today?

whats on top today

This widget gets the collective information of all the keywords positions and group them into first, second, third positions, 4 to 10 positions and 11 – 100 positions with its count. This will get a clear picture of how the keywords ranking positions progressing together. First Position count is the total number of keywords on top #1 today. The numbers inside the brackets shows the differences compared with the previous day positions.

History of What’s on top today?

Widget #3: Today Serpple Score

Serpple Score

Serpple score is the one that everyone should focus. Once all the targeted keywords are added into the project, this serpple score will indicate how the keywords playing along with its positions on SERP pages. The higher the Serpple Score, better the keywords positions. It is calculated based on all the keywords positions and along with other few important metrics. Comparing the last one year history of this score will get the clear picture of organic traffic development. Best – as its names shows the best serpple score that any projects reaches in time. There will be an email notification on this occasion which can be enabled or disabled too.

History of Serpple Score

Happy Serppling…