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Manage Your Ranking Data Like Pro!

Enter your keywords -- Serpple Rank Tracker will track it for you. Configure the keywords with apt tags, and
keep them organized. Group your keywords with the configured tags. Zoom on keywords with multiple
handy filters to observe their performance on Google.

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Love from Our Customers

Navin Gurnani

Serpple is one of the best rank trackers out there. I use it to track 1500+ keywords across 10+ competitors in a multi product category. I use it to find featured snippet opportunities and be on top of regular alerts. I wished such a tool existed earlier.

Grid view helps you in separation of concern wrt competitor tracking, top purchase driving pages, top sign up driving pages, top traffic generating pages, brand traffic. It helps you be on top of each area by spending less than 1 hour each week. This helps the team set the entire action items for the week.

Navin Gurnani
CEO, BrewBim


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Visualize Your Organic Growth

Track your SEO impacts from Serpple’s dynamic graphs. See how your keywords perform on
Google with the serpple score. Observe the ups and downs in your keyword positions everyday.
Spot-check ranking positions of keywords lined-up as – First 3 Positions, Positions #4–10,
Positions #11–100th, and not ranked keywords.

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More than 2000 Users Can’t be
Manipulated-Serpple is the Apple of their Eye!


March 15, 2022

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Nabin P.


April 28, 2022

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Matthew M.


June 08, 2022

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Mega O.


February 16, 2022

rank tracker- karim

Karim T.

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Instant Keyword Rank Insights

Get a categorized view of the most required Keyword data that needs to be checked regularly.
View a list of your keywords with improved and declined rankings. Discover trending keywords and keywords with a
drop in their search volume over a period. Observe the ranking progress of your flagged keywords.
Get to know your keywords that show signs of keyword cannibalism.

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Customize Your Alert Emails

Decide what you should be notified of, right in your inbox. Our advanced rank tracker lets you
configure your alert emails. Set triggers for those you find to be the most notable changes.

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99.5% Accurate Data in a Click.

Serpple’s Instant Refresh and Regular Refresh guarantees accuracy with data. Our accurate rank tracker is designed with a scheduled auto refresh and an instant refresh option that can be performed either for a set of keywords or one keyword at any chosen time of the day.

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Upmarket SEO Metrics to Anchor
Your SERP Marketing

Add Your Bulk Keywords
in a Blink

Adding your keywords for each project in Serpple is super easy. It takes just a click to upload your csv/text containing the list of keywords as such.

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Monitor All Your Projects in One Place

Gain a quick view of all your projects from a graphical summary of each project’s ranking data.

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Take a Broad Look at Your Keywords’ Performance

Grasp the organic, SERP-rich, and historical perspective for your keywords. Yet better, analyze your keywords’ performance with accuracy.

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Flexible List View

Toggle within the provided keyword metrics to organize your keyword on
the list view and observe your ranking data.

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Align your SEO Strategy Using ‘Add Notes’

After tracking keywords in Serpple, add to notes the ideas, or even points to remember for each keyword and effectively monitor the keyword’s performance.

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Instant and Shareable Rankings Reports

Generate instant reports on your site’s performance on Google’s SERP for your target keywords within seconds in preferred formats

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How does Serpple guarantees 99.5% data accuracy?

Serpple tool has automated refresh that occurs everyday at scheduled time. Apart from this there is an instant refresh option. This lets you refresh either one or bulk keywords at any time of your convenience to provide you with accurate data.

What time does the regular fresh occur?

The regular refresh or automated refresh is scheduled to occur exactly before 7:00A.m of your geographic location everyday.

Will my Serpple Score get updated daily or weekly ?

The Serpple Score of your entire keywords gets updated everyday. Today’s Serpple Score widget for a particular project shows the score calculated based on your keywords’ rankings and it indicates your keywords performance on the SERP.

Is Serpple tool free forever?

Serpple has a free plan for its users with powerful features These features will be limited as per the plan. Users exploring the free plan, can upgrade to a pricing plan based on their needs anytime.

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