What is a Featured Snippet? and How to Acquire it for your Website?

Featured snippet guide

What are Featured snippets?

Featured snippets are the highlighted section of text that features at the top of the search engine result page (SERP), holding position one. They provide users the straight answers or relevant content from a website that exactly matches the search query of users. Different forms of featured snippets are paragraph, numbered list, bullet list, table, and video. Google displays featured snippets above the search results along with the directly related website that can surely expect a higher click-through rate and traffic.

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Importance of featured snippet in SEO

As said above, when your website gets featured, there is a very great chance to get higher traffic and to gain an advantage over other organic results in SERP. This is mainly because the featured snippet is more attention-grabbing and also offers direct, straight-to-the-point answers to the users’ queries and therefore people will be more likely to click that instead of scrolling down further to check other search results on the page.

Importance - Featured snippet guide

So, it becomes very clear that the relevant website displayed in the featured snippet will get greater visibility with which boosting the brand recognition will be as easy as pie. Therefore, it is of no surprise that the featured snippets play a key role in improving search engine optimization activities to a greater extent.

Therefore, keeping track of the keywords for which you have earned featured snippets is always better to know. Doing this process manually would be nearly an impossible and tedious task especially when you have a bunch of keywords for your website.

So, here comes the need for the best keyword tracking software that makes the monitoring process of the keywords with featured snippets much easier. So, use a rank tracking tool to monitor your SEO progress effectively.

How to acquire a featured snippet?

There is no exact concept to get into a featured snippet. But, the following strategies will definitely help in earning featured snippet, ie position one spot easily.

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So, delve into the below-mentioned tips to increase the chance for your website to get featured in the featured snippet.

  • Find out the featured snippets that your competitors are ranking for. Know those snippets and optimize your content for the same topics and keywords
  • Take a look at all types of questions that people have asked related to the specific topic and how those queries got answered to get featured easily. Focus on the potential keywords and revamp your content with the questions and most suitable answers for the possible topics that are apt for your business and keywords.
  • As you may have already known, featured snippets show a small amount of data to get the reader’s attention easily. So, it is essential to keep the section that needs to be featured very short. Therefore, get straight to the point while answering search queries.
  • Also make sure you organize the articles, blogs, and posts with different headers such as h1, h2, h3, or h4 to break up the sections. Formatting your content will add more chances to your website to get featured in the featured snippet

Is there any drawback with the featured snippet?

Sometimes, featured snippets work opposite to their purpose. This is because there are certain cases in which people confuse featured snippets for advertisements as they usually occupy the top position on the search engine result pages. So, people may prefer to scroll down the page for other websites and therefore just optimizing the content to target featured snippets may not work out for your website at all times. But, always keep in mind that as these are just rare scenarios, there are greater chances for your website to get high traffic with the featured snippets.

Featured snippet – the best way to rank top on SERP

Earning a featured snippet means earning the highest possible ranking spot in competitive searches on SERP. So, earning a featured snippet is the best way to boost conversions and drive traffic to your website. This, in turn, will help you in beating your competition.

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So, on the whole, be it any industry, acquiring a featured snippet is the best and smart way to succeed in your SEO activities.

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