The Simple Story of Serpple

Arun Andiselvam

I’m a serial entrepreneur who dreams about great things. I’ve been successfully running different businesses for the last ten years which includes an IT firm with 100 employees and another partnership with a blockchain technology development firm. Having great experience on IT sectors over a decade, it’s been my passion to keep finding modern technology solutions which helps startups, entrepreneur and wannapreneurs.

Story behind Serpple

I’ve been using different SERP tracking tools for my business and I’ve always found that something is always missing in all the tools and this made me switch to different tools each month.

Some tools haven’t focused much on the SERP details and some tools just keep me sending improved/declined emails every day to make me frustrated. Being a business owner, I know what I need to get acquainted with. I need the notifications only when there is something I need to know. That’s how serpple started.

No existing tools give you overall performance improvement and decline details. Most of them just show the average position. As an entrepreneur looking for SEO progress, what would I do with just the average position information? That’s why I’ve introduced something called “Serpple score”. And, most of the tools never showed me “What is the trend over the search volume for the last six months” which is very important.

I’ve been using my tool for all my other businesses and I am still discovering what most of the business owners and SEO professionals are in need of. I’ve been continuously discussing it with many SEO professionals too. So, continuous features implementation is guaranteed for our customers.

What I’ve developed so far is just ten percent of my whole plan. I have a decent size of a team who are continuously working on Serpple to add excellent features in the upcoming versions such as competitor analysis, keyword research, local SEO, and much more.

We are sure that the current features in the tool will make you happy with the rank tracking and along with the important notifications on different happenings over the SERP pages.

Our primary goal is to do something different than every SEO tool.

Happy Serppling !

Stories From Our Customers

We strongly believe in the power of Word-of-mouth. Thus, we aimed at building an absolute tool and the best user experience.

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