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You can now track your keyword rankings too quickly on the trigger in contrast to other regular rank trackers. Serpple lets you experience the difference.

Rank tracker that lures the digital marketer’s attention in the wink of an eye

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Keywords added in the last 4 months.


Unique Google Rank Tracker

We strive to stay unique in all manner of ways!

  • Most email users find spam to be annoying. We will never let your inbox get packed with automated email on the keyword information

  • Notifications don’t flaunt our tool’s potential. It will not nag users with raking details, unless they ask for it.

  • Not user-friendly but data-friendly! The tool is data-driven and it aims to provide optimal user experience and unearth precise data

Built for Speed

Blend of Rapidity And Accuracy

Rank tracker at lighting speed

Our rank tracker is devised to come up with more accurate ranking details as quick as a flash, than other rank trackers in the market.

Quick keyword-position refresh

  • Accuracy gets assured by refreshing the keywords. It is like asking the tool for changes in the keyword’s current position.

  • As efficiency is on par with accuracy, you can even add projects with hundreds of keywords in a jiffy.

speedy rank tracker

rank tracker with unique dashboard

Curated metrics for SEO Experts

Serpple can sense the needed metrics for day to day SEO activities. It’s programmed to gather all crucial SERP information for your keywords from any project.

Have a full Plate!

  • A dashboard filled to its brim with required information on each keyword and your overall organic progress.

  • Get every essential data like the change in search volume, change in ranking positions for a day or a couple of weeks, with one tool.


An Alarm that everyone needs

There is no point in looking at average positions of your keywords. We know that everyone needs something else to know your overall organic performances.

Serpple Score

What’s the point in delivering just the average positions of your keywords when all you need to know is how to weigh your overall organic performances?

Alarm with overall organic changes

Sometimes, getting a few of your keywords on top will cheer you up while it overshadows those few other keywords that may have declined.

This Serpple score helps you eliminate this shortcoming. It is calculated based on the rankings of all the improved and declined keywords.

rank tracker with organic score

rank tracker with keyword grouping

List or Grid

  • Select your preferred view on keywords views. Each view has its unique value.

  • List view lets SEO experts get all the metrics in one column. And, they also get to choose what should be on the list.

  • Grid view presents keywords based on regions, tags, devices, favorite, etc. It will also display the keywords performance by showing the Serpple score of each group.


You don’t know everything about your keyword

The keyword overview page lets you know everything from basic details of keywords attributes to vital details like, the top competitors, google ads running at present, etc.

Search volume history

The overview page provides the last one years’ search volume for you to make a complete study on which keywords need your attention the most.

Competitors and their ads

The overview includes a list of SERP competitors who dominate and others who are on par with your website. It also shows your competitors running Google ads campaigns.

serpple rank tracker keyword perception

Stories From Our Customers

We strongly believe in the power of Word-of-mouth. Thus, we aimed at building an absolute tool and the best user experience.

These guys are using Serpple Rank Tracker and they are more than happier ever

Never Stop Questioning!

We've nearly covered all that one needs to know before you start Serppling. If you need anything else apart from this, reach out to our agents on live chat.

How does Google Rank Tracker work?

We have developed our own engine to get to the actual Google SERP pages with the given parameters. From those actual pages, the ranks and other information will be parsed.

Can this Rank Tracker help with backlinks?

No. It’s not an automated tool for backlinks or any automation to improve your organic traffic. It’s an all-time monitor to check your organic metrics.

Can I try this tool without Credit card?

Yes you can try it. Use the 14 days free trial without adding your credit card details. When you are happy with the tool’s functionality, choose a plan that suits your needs and then add your credit card.

Can I add multiple regions in One project?

Yes. You can add multiple regions and even multiple devices in one single project for different keywords or the same keywords. Our systematized grid view will show them separately.

Will I get future updates with my plan?

Yes! You’ll get updates each time we upgrade our tool with remarkable features.It’s a promise in disguise, we will be adding new features periodically.

Can I cancel my subscription anytime?

Yes! Your money is safe with us. In case you don’t wish to continue using our tool, you can cancel the subscription anytime. You can connect with us and claim a refund for unused days of subscription.

Have more questions?

Upcoming features

Always under construction!

It’s normal for a team that engineered a tool to keep adding features to it. But the team stands apart by finding what users miss and bring it into Serpple.

Keyword research module

We understand what is missing from the most common rank trackers. And, that is what we focus on. Thus, each module is designed to present all you need.

rank tracker upcoming features

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