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A Few Random SEO Practices
to Avoid

rank tracker - Random SEO practices to avoid

Choosing random keywords on your own, for your project.

Neglecting SERP updates while tracking your ranking progress.

Not tracking all the relevant keyword metrics while planning your SEO strategy.

Typical Manipulative Rank
Tracking Tools

Manipulative rank tracker

Drives away your traffic with irrelevant keyword metrics.

Doesn’t provide reliable keyword insights and drags down your SEO progress.

Delays your organic growth with inaccurate keyword position information.

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Reveals rankings for keywords across 189 regions.

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Keyword Rank Tracker that Uncovers
Your Site’s Overall Visibility in SERP with Ease

You gain a birds-eye view of all the key SERP features for your potential
keywords from our interactive dashboard.
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Figure Out Your Overall Progress

Evaluate your overall progress with your tracked keyword rankings and fresh keyword metrics.

Quickly analyze the effectiveness of your SEO efforts.

SERPPLE Score measures your site’s performance for your targeted keywords sharp as a needle.

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rank tracker-Beat-Your-Competitors

Compare and Beat Your Competitors

Know your competitors’ ranking for the same keyword.

Compare it with yours and gain a perception of your competitor’s progress too.

rank tracker-Beat-Your-Competitors

Monitor and Tail Your Keywords

Get the needed SEO metrics for your keywords.

Sort your entire keyword metrics and view them either in a list or grid format.

Explore the SERP features of your potential keywords and their ranking progress with ease.

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Google rank tracker

An Interactive Dashboard

Identify the top-ranking keywords of your projects and quickly observe your ranking fluctuations for all your keywords.
Form an effective SEO strategy based on the serpple score, trending keywords, and declined keywords widget.
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Google rank tracker

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What is Serpple?

Serpple is a highly advanced rank tracker that aids users to level up their SEO progress by tracking the ranking progress of their keywords with absolute accuracy and by precisely measuring their overall organic performance.

How does Serpple Stand Unique from the Rest?

Serpple stays unrivaled. In terms of its accuracy, our rank tracker lets you get 99.5% accurate ranking data. And, you can also measure your overall organic performance and stay updated with SERP changes.

Will I Get Any Future Updates Irrespective of My Subscription Plan?

Yes! You’ll get updates each time we upgrade our rank tracker with remarkable features. It’s a promise in disguise, we will be adding new features periodically.

Is Serpple a Free Rank Tracking Tool?

Yes! You can use our free plan. We don’t ask for credit card details for the free trial. And, you can also get your Appsumo coupon code and become a lifetime user.

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