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Serpple is our ideal Rank Tracker tool that is made available for global users online at Therefore, our team gives supplementary assistance through our support agents on our website.

Serpple is an Indian company with its principal place of business in, INDIA (hereinafter also “Serpple,” “we,” “us,” “Websites”).

Our Serpple team assumes privacy to be an incredible part and comprehends that privacy online is to be made significant to our users, particularly for the successful running of any online business and obtaining data.

This declaration legislates our privacy policy about our users (“Visitors”) who just use the free trial without transacting business and also users who register to transact business (“Authorized Customers”) and render all the services offered by the plethora of Serpple’s features (collectively, “Services”).

Our services are formulated to enable you to organize powerful and vital relationships with your customers, for transparency and data security concerns.

This Privacy Policy pertains to all the evidence that Serpple collects and uses. This dissertation will clarify how we obtain, benefit, and safeguard your data. We will also decipher what privileges you have with registration and how you can utilize those rights.

If your resume uses our Websites and our tool, you’re conceding to this Privacy Policy.

If you don’t approve of Serpple’s Privacy Policy or have any other concerns in reliability, please abstain from using our tool and our efficient data-friendly services.

Data we amass

When you sign up for our tool and opt for our services, you create a user account (“Serpple Account”). To achieve this we need your personal information which may include your First name, last name, email Id, company’s name, and other information about yourself or your company, that you have to willingly submit to us.

You charter the liberty to revise your profile or remove any of its content or all of the basic personal information. You decide on what information you should provide us; Moreover, furnishing accurate profile information may enable you to get more out of our services.

Payment information

To benefit from our reimbursed services, we will ask you to share with us specific financial information (such as your PayPal address or credit card information) to ameliorate the payment process. There will be input fields that you are expected to complete. Only then you can finalize payment for the paid services and it will reveal itself on the input screens of our websites.

Serpple may accumulate information deeming your payment transaction through the services, such as the type of payment instrument you’ve used, payment amount check, tax amount, and other such details related to transactions.

Evidence you provide through our support channels includes our customer support, to which you may send any of your queries regarding the services.

If you agree to adopt our customer support, you might be asked to give your contact information, a summary of the actual problem you have encountered, and any other information that would help our team to settle the issue.

To enhance user experience, we may compile other personal information obtained from users such as your IP address or zip code. This information will be used merely to strengthen your experience using our tool.

Please discover more information in our Cookie Policy.

Third-party service providers and automatically collected information about your use of our services or tools

This information is essential for the reasonable performance of the agreement between you and us, to stimulate us to comply with legal obligations and given our legal interest in being able to procure and enrich the functionalities of the tool.

Our Cookie Policies

Cookies are minor files conveyed to your hard drive by a web server. They exhort the Website’s system to comprehend your browser and recollect some non-personally identifiable data. Cookies neither run malware policies nor distribute viruses.

We do use cookies for numerous reasons like, to give more personalized content, modify your priorities, and intensify your overall experience.

We also employ cookies for security reasons. Cookies are extraordinary for each individual and some browsers may approve them by default. You can also disable cookies altogether if you wish. Otherwise, you may choose to be informed once a cookie is being sent to you.

So, to disable cookies, you need to manually access the browser you are using. The process of disabling cookies varies with different browsers.

If you desire to reach out to us or post your queries about us or let us know your complaints about this Policy, please contact us at [email protected]