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Advanced Serpple Features - Lot more than keyword Rank Trackings

The entire system is built with modern technologies. Our meticulous forecasting lets us focus on futuristic features to support the subscribers for a longer run. Our platform and infrastructures are created with the intension of giving the customers an uninterrupted service all the time.

Feature Lists

Quick Launch

Your project with targeted keywords can be added within a few minutes using an easy wizard

Tag Management

Group keywords using needed tags like region, location, etc. View those grouped keywords with tags in the grid

Custom notifications

You can get notified of changes in specific features of your choice such Serpple score, Google ads, etc.

Multiple Project

You can handle multiple projects as per your plan and each project will have separate notifications settings

Scheduled Reports

The reports can be automated based on your desired schedules and you can get them emailed to you

List and Grid View

There are two different keyword views. Grid, based on device, country, favorite, tags, etc, and a list with all SERP metrics.

Keyword overview page

Detailed info such as search volume history that is not viewed in the list and grid can be found on the keyword overview page.

Basic Domain Information

Some important information like domain expiry date and a lot more can be seen under each project.

Accurate Positions

Serpple assures 100% accurate keyword ranking positions be it any custom attributes you pick

Complete SERP Features

Almost all required SERP features like featured snippets, knowledge panel, video, search volume, etc. are provided

Serpple Score

A score to evaluate your overall organic traffic performances based on your keywords positions.

Export Keywords

You can export your keywords and its report in different formats like PDF, TXT & CSV.

SERP Pages

Each keyword’s latest Google SERP page can be viewed as it's shown in google in the HTML format.

Automated Tracking

Automated keyword rank tracking gets promptly scheduled to your local time to make your morning datafull.

Instant Position Refresh

You can instantly find the keywords' current position using the instant refresh option for one or more keywords

Competitor Conquesting

Set your brand keyword and country, Serpple will email you when anyone runs ads for that particular keyword.

custom notifications

Control your email notifications

  • Configure different SERP triggers for email notifications

  • Around eight different triggers can be enabled or disabled for notification

  • No other emails will be sent except the configured email triggers you choose


Don't search for important metrics

Showing significant SEO metrics in different places is not good for any SEO tool. Tracking key metrics in one place will save your time. SERPPLE has widgets in the dashboard that is loaded with the most important metrics. All in a single place!

What's up today?

Improved/declined keyword counts for 12 days

What's on top today?

Bar chart metrics of all keywords positions

Today's Serpple Score

Serpple Score based on the recent rank update

dashboard widgets
keyword overview page

All keyword metrics together

  • One year’s search volume history for each specified keyword

  • list of top 10 competitors, current SERP snippet and the best SERP Snippet (based on position)

  • All the Google ads run your competitors along with their ad’s position

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