What is Chat GPT and How Businesses can Use It for Content & SEO?


ChatGPT is one of the most trending topics right now. It’s been less than few months since it has been released and people’s minds are being blown by what it can do.

Chat GPT Trends

It is also breaking records with over 1 million users signed up in just the first 5 days. The signup rate is faster than Netflix, Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram. 

So does it mean that no longer you will be googling for the answers to the problems? Chat GPT gives breakdowns of the answers in fine detail with explanations of exactly how it works. This will definitely make people question just how relevant Google will be in the coming future.

But what exactly is ChatGPT and How to use ChatGPT for SEO? What makes it so powerful? These are a few questions we will be answering in this blog post. It is built by the same people that are behind the development of Open AI which is now shaping some really interesting technologies. 

They have been building powerful engines like codex which is the technology behind GitHub Copilot. It is something that many developers use in day-to-day coding on VS code. 

What is ChatGPT?

It was released on the 30th of November 2022 worldwide for free & has knowledge and information up until 2021. 

ChatGPT is a language model developed by OpenAI on GPT-3.5 an advanced version of GPT – 3. It has the ability to interact with humans in dialogue form and can respond in a manner that looks human.

It’s like having your personal genie in a digital bottle, always ready to offer a helping hand. 

Benefits of Using ChatGPT for  Businesses

  1. ChatGPT can provide quick and accurate responses to customer inquiries, allowing human customer support agents to focus on more complex tasks.
  2. It can generate engaging and relevant content based on user interests, which can increase engagement and drive traffic to a business’s website or social media channels.
  3. ChatGPT can help businesses create a consistent and valuable content marketing strategy by researching and curating content from various sources.
  4. ChatGPT can assist with customer engagement on social media or provide conversation prompts on a business’s blog or forum, improving the company’s online presence and customer engagement.

How ChatGPT can be Used for Content Marketing?

Content marketers can use ChatGPT to generate engaging and relevant content for their target audience through the use of natural language processing and GPT-3 technology. 

This can help businesses create content that is tailored to the specific interests and needs of their audience, increasing the likelihood of engagement and driving traffic to their website or social media channels.

In addition to creating content, ChatGPT can also assist with researching and curating content from various sources, helping businesses create a consistent and valuable content marketing strategy. 

As a content marketer, it is important to understand how ChatGPT can help with the creation and curation of content by using its natural language processing and GPT-3 technology to generate content based on a specific input and user interests. 

This can help content marketers create content that is tailored to their target audience, improving engagement and directing traffic to their website or social media channels.

Drawbacks of Using ChatGPT for Content Marketing

There are a few potential drawbacks to using ChatGPT for content marketing. One issue is that the technology relies on artificial intelligence and natural language processing, which may result in content that is not engaging or relevant to the target audience. 

To avoid this, businesses should carefully review and edit the content generated by ChatGPT to ensure it aligns with their brand voice and messaging.

Another potential limitation of ChatGPT is that it may not be able to handle complex or unique content requests, requiring human intervention to generate high-quality content. 

Additionally, ChatGPT may not be able to fully replicate the creativity and emotional intelligence of a human content creator, which could be a disadvantage for some businesses. 

It is important for businesses to consider these potential drawbacks when deciding whether ChatGPT is the right tool for their content marketing needs.

How to Use ChatGPT?

To use ChatGPT for content marketing, follow these steps:

know about chatgpt

  1. Sign up for an account on the ChatGPT website or download the app from the App Store or Google Play.
  2. Configure your ChatGPT settings, such as the language, response time, and tone of the chatbot.
  3. Integrate ChatGPT into your website’s chat function or social media channels. Provide specific prompts or queries to ChatGPT and allow it to generate a response.
  4. Review and edit the response as needed to ensure accuracy and relevance.
  5. Repeat the process as needed to assist with customer inquiries, content creation, and information-gathering tasks.

What is the Role of Content Marketers in the Future?

In the future, content marketers will likely need to focus on using artificial intelligence and natural language processing technology to generate engaging and relevant content for their target audience. 

This will require a strong understanding and use of these technologies to create content that is tailored to the specific interests and needs of their audience.

Content marketers will also need to be skilled at researching and curating content from various sources to help businesses create a consistent and valuable content marketing strategy. 

As custom AI development technology continues to advance, the role of content marketers will likely involve more and more use of these technologies to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of content creation and distribution.

ChatGPT for SEO

ChatGPT chatbot that can answer questions and generate content, has been causing a stir in the content marketing and SEO industry since its launch on November 30, 2022. This has highlighted the evolving role of content in digital marketing.

We are currently experiencing a significant digital transformation for businesses, as AI is providing new opportunities for every industry to utilize its capabilities. 

Machine learning algorithms are particularly noteworthy, as they allow for more advanced data analysis, giving businesses the ability to improve their products and services better to meet the unique needs and expectations of their customers.

This article will examine the advantages, disadvantages, and potential issues associated with the ongoing development of AI text generators.

Did ChatGPT Write this Article?

An important question to consider is who is responsible for creating this content. It is not generated by ChatGPT but by the Serpple content team. Despite this, we believe that ChatGPT can answer many of the questions addressed in this article. 

To provide context, we have included an image below the first question, “What is ChatGPT?”, which displays an excerpt from ChatGPT that illustrates the type of response that it would provide for that question.

The reasons discussed in this article are why the extract from ChatGPT will be presented as an image rather than a block of text on the page.

Google Vs ChatGPT

ChatGPT utilizes machine learning algorithms to process a vast amount of text data. Once analyzed, the system quickly generates coherent text that aligns with the input commands. Some of the most frequent inputs for ChatGPT include:

  • What is X?
  • Create a list of the top 10 X
  • Write a sentence about X that includes information about Y and Z
  • Write me a poem about X, that mentions Y and Z
  • Write a letter to X explaining the role of Y and Z

ChatGPT has the capability to function as a chatbot and provide answers to questions based on available information and knowledge. However, it may need help when handling inquiries that require subjective thought processes.

ChatGPT is Scary Good?

After a relatively subdued launch, the marketing and SEO industry as well as the mainstream media quickly became aware of the ChatGPT program. 

A tweet by Elon Musk on December 4th stated: “ChatGPT is scary good. We are not far from dangerously strong AI.”


It’s not surprising that Elon Musk, one of the six co-founders of OpenAI, has a high regard for the technology as he helped develop ChatGPT.

What is the Primary Function of Chat GPT?

ChatGPT’s main purpose is to produce text that appears human-like and makes sense. The advancement in GPT-3.5 technology has greatly improved AI text generation capabilities and can assist with various tedious writing tasks like translation, summarization, chatbots, and research. 

The technology uses vast data sets to generate text with a natural language, flow, and sentence structure.

In What Aspects ChatGPT Differs from Other AI Generators?

The exceptional quality of text produced by ChatGPT has amazed many people. Those in marketing or SEO fields are familiar with AI text generators, as they have been used as research tools or to create large amounts of website content (sometimes inappropriately). 

ChatGPT elevates AI writing technology to a new level and surpasses the quality of previous AI content generators.

Is Chat GPT a Danger for Google?

It’s believed that the idea of an AI tool capable of answering simple questions could potentially challenge Google’s future. Although ChatGPT has the potential to attract some of 

Google’s information seekers, Google offers much more than just answers. It serves as a daily planner, a navigation tool, a platform for impartial journalism, the biggest e-commerce hub, and much more.

In our view, ChatGPT could potentially steal some market share from search engines. However, at present, ChatGPT and Google serve distinct purposes and functions. The main users of ChatGPT are likely to be university students and marketers who utilize it as a tool for content research.

A small number of students and marketers may use the AI technology for writing purposes, but universities will likely adopt GPT detection technology to prevent this. Meanwhile, for marketers, please see the next question.

Can Google Detect AI-generated Content?

Yes, Google can differentiate between human-written and AI-generated content. Although AI content generation is not a new concept, the technology is rapidly advancing, prompting Google and other search engines to take action to prevent AI-generated content from appearing in search results.

Should you Use ChatGPT for SEO Content?

No, we don’t recommend using it for SEO content.

As an SEO team, we have spent a considerable amount of time and resources in 2022 trying to fix websites that have published AI content. Not only is AI content challenging to index, but it also performs poorly in terms of ranking. 

Google does not impose manual penalties on websites that use AI generators like ChatGPT for SEO, but there may be a possibility of the website being “soft-marked” by Google when it is determined that AI content is being used. 

This can make it more challenging to rank human-written content in the future once Google has identified the website as a previous publisher of AI content.

It’s important to note that this is based on a limited testing pool with limited A/B testing. However, we have observed that it is challenging to recover and improve the ranking of these websites using normal methods of high-quality content.

Will Google Rank AI content in the future?

Predicting the future of AI content and SEO is uncertain. Currently, Google categorizes AI-generated SEO content as “spam”. During an April 2022 Google Search Central SEO office-hours hangout, John Mueller, Google’s Search Advocate, made it clear that AI content is not treated differently from traditional article spinners.

This is what he said “

For us these would, essentially, still fall into the category of automatically generated content which is something we’ve had in the Webmaster Guidelines since almost the beginning.

And people have been automatically generating content in lots of different ways. And for us, if you’re using machine learning tools to generate your content, it’s essentially the same as if you’re just shuffling words around, or looking up synonyms, or doing the translation tricks that people used to do. Those kind of things.

My suspicion is maybe the quality of content is a little bit better than the really old school tools, but for us it’s still automatically generated content, and that means for us it’s still against the Webmaster Guidelines. So we would consider that to be spam.

John Mueller


Going into 2023 Should You Use ChatGPT as One of Your Main SEO tools?

Yes and no. 

Chat GPT is useful as a research tool for content writers to gather information and knowledge in the same way they use Google. However, it’s important to verify the sources before publishing.

Using Chat GPT as a SERP alerts tool is fine, but using it as a content writer is not recommended. AI-generated content for SEO purposes will do more harm than good and can result in penalties from search engines

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