Top 8 Best SEO Tools for Freelancers

SEO tools for freelancers

Undoubtedly, keyword research is an essential aspect when it comes to SEO campaigns.

To improve conversion rates, freelancers must also work on optimizing keywords and tracking website performance.

Comprehending Search engine optimization is a difficult task, especially if you’re just getting started as an SEO freelancer.

So, how will you do that? 

Good news: Choosing the best SEO tools for freelancers is simple; we’ve compiled a list of them all. 

We have gathered the top 8 SEO tools for freelancers, mentioning all their benefits for your business that eliminate the struggles associated with keyword research and analysis.

These SEO tools for freelancers give you a comprehensive view of how Search engines view your website. 

Knowing that works best as you can work on those elements and get the competitive edge.

Must-have SEO Tools For Freelancers In 2022

1. Serpple

Advanced SEO tool that boosts your analysis

Serpple is an evolving SEO tool that helps your monitor accurate daily keyword tracking with 99.95% efficiency.

More than just a keyword tracker, Serpple brings a host of extraordinary features for SEO professionals by giving you insights about SERP metrics.

This is first among the best SEO tool for freelancers it aids them by giving essential and valuable SERP insights like site links, image packs, news packs, map packs, Twitter packs, related question packs, and a lot more elements.

Most of Serpple’s features are developed by analyzing the pain points of SEO professionals.

For example, Serpple has both an instant refresh and default refresh option, the instant refresh option allows you to get the fresh ranking data On-demand rather than waiting for the default automatic refresh happens.

Serpple score is developed to provide the overall organic performance of the project based on keyword rankings to get a quick overview of the progress.

The email alarm setting in Serpple notifies you when there is a change occurs in your SERP, and you can set a separate notification for each project. you can enable or disable it at your convenience.

Here I have listed some exclusive Serpple features that bring value to freelancers and other SEO professionals.

Competitor AI: 

Serpple find your competitors and throws a list of competitors in front of you, you can choose them to track and compare their keyword rankings.

Improved and Declined Keywords: 

Serpple gives you improved, declined, and no change keywords in ranking after every refresh to figure out the regular keyword performance simply.

All projects on a Single Page: 

For a quick overview, Serpple provides your project performance in the form of individual widgets.

Schedule Report:

Get the customized automated report to your email and a few other recipients.

Types of View Mode- Get two views: 

A grid that can be filtered with devices, tags, and regions, and second, a list view with all SERP metrics.

Dynamic graphs: 

Each & every graph as well as the indicators are dynamic and contain some information that helps you to visually find your progress on your project.

Identify Trending & Deviating keywords:

Serpple shows the trending and deviating keywords by analyzing the increase or decrease in the search volume compared to the past month’s SV and this helps you to focus on the right keywords at the right time.

2. Dynomapper

Known for sitemap generation

DYNO Mapper gives you access to the website’s true architecture and enables you to build interactive visual sitemaps in just a single click. 

This SEO tool for freelancers is economical that can be used to analyze and realize and design the sitemap, perform a content audit, and acts as a content analysis tool. Here are its top features,

Inventory, auditing, and planning: 

Keep an inventory for all webpage, visuals, files, videos, audio, and files on your website. 

This content audit feature helps you optimize your assets and the content calendar to plan tasks.

Integration with Google Analytics: 

Shows Google Analytics metrics for each navigation bar and sorts and filters pages in your visual sitemap.

Sitemaps that have been filtered can be extracted into PDF or CSV.

Daily Keyword Performance Tracking:

Export keywords automatically and keep receiving keyword tracking reports on Google, Yahoo, and Bing, with the ability to track by location or device.

Testing for Website Accessibility:

This web accessibility tool can check the WCAG / Section 508 compliance of an entire website.

Identify known ADA website compliance errors in web design and content.

3. Advanced web ranking

Ideal for checking website ranking

Advanced web ranking is a rank tracking, SEO reporting, and competitor analysis tool that enables freelancers to track their website or keyword performance with full accuracy. 

This tool for marketing pulls data that bots leave while browsing and helps you identify which keywords are ranking best for competitors.

Rank tracking on any SERP: 

Track and optimize your website performance for any SERP apart from google, including Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, and more.

Work on local rank tracking: 

Define the location you want to check the performance and get fresh ranking gathered on demand as per local search volumes.

Pixel positions: 

Visualize the keyword position and check the above and below-the-fold search listing with dedicated visibility metrics.

Measure and improve CTR: 

Determine which metric drives the highest traffic and click-through rate and gain visibility.

4. Authority Labs

Reliable SEO tracker tailored to business needs

AuthorityLabs is indeed a cloud-based SEO tool for freelancers that allows you to track and measure your website’s search engine rankings. 

It mainly serves small to medium-sized businesses, consultants, freelancers, and agencies by providing critical data to improve local rankings.

Additionally, with Authority Labs, you can

Perform competitive analysis and track locally and globally:

Analyze white-label keywords based on local and global search engine results.

Import/export keywords and reports:

Get insightful reports on your email anytime on your device.

Domain groups:

Create domain groups and monitor or track the performance of multiple sites at the same time.

5. Rankwatch

Rank monitoring tool for every marketer.

RankWatch stands out among the top SEO tool for freelancers that does much more than just track keywords. 

It offers additional data about your backlinks, competitors, and hidden SEO possibilities, which can help you boost the ranking of your website.

A rank watch is an SEO tool that gives you all the information you need to enhance your website’s SEO performance and create loads of organic traffic. 

It’s an “all-in-one SEO tool” marketing tool that offers advanced features beyond keyword tracking.

Rank Monitoring:

Keep a track of all rankings across all major SERPS

Competitor Rank Monitor:

Get a detailed analysis of your SERP competitors and stay one step ahead.

Site audit:

The Rank Watch performs your site audit by analyzing over 100 parameters

Backlink Monitor:

Track the backlinks with the automated smart crawler over a billion websites.

6. Seobility

Overall SEO tool

Seobility is a free SEO auditing tool helping you to assess your website’s compliance with current SEO guidelines. 

Simply enter your website URL, and the tool will analyze your website and you can get some recommendations on how to improve its performance.

Here are some additional benefits of using Seobility

Identify technical errors:

Resolve on-page SEO issues as soon as possible to regain lost traffic and avoid future traffic dips.

Accurate SEO scoring:

Obtain an SEO score that takes into account a variety of website factors such as meta-information, page quality, link structure, and others.

7. Linkody

Spy for backlink analysis

Linkody is one of the top SEO tools for freelancers that enables SEO experts to have a good overview of website backlinks. 

You can discover, track, and analyze the backlinks with a user-friendly interface. Also, it provides you insights if any link is lost or broken. Also, it enables you to

Pull competitor backlinks: 

With Linkody, you can act as a spy for your competitor’s backlinks, and it lets you have a list of all the backlinks they have just by entering their URL.

Get valuable insights:

Get a detailed version of crucial metrics related to backlink tracking, including Google indexing status, Domain Authority, Alexa rank, and more.

Leverage white-label reports: 

Keep your team updated with the backlink distribution and process by having downloadable reports that can be shared in the form of PDF or CSV.

8. Seomater

Known for its website crawling.
Seomater is a smart and easy-to-use auditing SEO tool for freelancers that assists you with technical optimization testing. 

This tool crawls your site to determine the internal and external links, organic traffic, and page speed.

Along with this, Seometer’s additional features include,

SEO Monitoring Alerts: 

Be updated with any issue your site observes after being crawled as you can get a notification.

Get precise reports: 

Discover insights regarding on-page and off-page SEO elements.

Domain Comparison tool: 

Use all metrics such as content quality, HTML, broken links, meta, and more to analyze and boost website performance with your competitors

Bottom Line

Here is the list of the top-performing SEO tools for freelancers that not only give you detailed insights without hassles. 

That said, you can cover all SEO bases with a few free and paid features that keep you updated with all SERP trends.

If you are looking for a medium to discuss the trends or share the inference of your SEO experiments then dive into our Facebook Community.

In there, you can also comment your r views on this blog.

Take the next step, success lies in your choice now.

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