AccuRanker Review: Is It Worth It?

accuranker review

Digital marketers and SEO professionals have long favored AccuRanker, a household name in the world of SEO, standing as a rank tracker tool users can trust. Given its good keyword tracking capabilities and user-friendly interface, its popularity is well-deserved. However, like any other valuable tool, AccuRanker has its downsides.

AccuRanker offers historical data and popular analytics integrations; however, it can be expensive for smaller businesses and may feature data inaccuracies.

In this AccuRanker review, we’ll delve into the nitty-gritty details of AccuRanker and its features to help you determine if it’s the best option to help you rank higher on Google.

So, let’s delve into our AccuRanker review and decide if it offers the advertised value for money.

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AccuRanker review: a detailed overview

AccuRanker dashboard

I’ve reviewed AccuRanker by testing its features, data accuracy, and user experience. I’ll also share some common pros and cons mentioned in user ratings on software reviews sites, so you get an objective overview before investing in this tool.


AccuRanker dashboard keywords

AccuRanker features

AccuRanker’s toolkit equips SEO professionals with potent tools to improve their search engine optimization strategies.

AccuRanker features

Let’s see what those features are and how you can benefit from them:

  • Keyword tracking: AccuRanker excels at monitoring the performance of your website in search engine results pages (SERPs) for particular keywords, which is one of the crucial ways to help you adjust your content strategy. With the keyword comparison option, you can get an overview of how your starred keyword performs over time.

  • Ranking distribution: This feature offers a detailed graph of your keyword rankings to see which keywords are moving up or down. It also provides average ranking over time, giving you a broad overview of your keyword performance. Professionals will find this detailed graph very useful, while beginners may find it overwhelming.

  • Aggregated SERP analysis: You can use this feature to get an in-depth analysis of all available SERP elements, such as feature ownership and owned SERP feature distribution.

  • Historical data: The tool provides access to historical data, letting you examine patterns and all your keywords to evaluate the long-term results of your SEO initiatives and help you avoid common SEO mistakes. Plus, you can import your old data from a CSV/Excel file, no matter if it is a week or several years old.

  • Integrations: AccuRanker integrates with Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and CSV importer in the basic plan. Plus, it has advanced integrations with Data Studio, Adobe Analytics, Google Sheets, and others for enterprise, professional and expert plans.

  • Competitor analysis: AccuRanker also provides great competitor tracking, allowing you to monitor your competitor’s website’s search engine rankings. Plus, you can use the keyword discovery feature to find keyword opportunities based on the competitors’ strategy.

  • Reports: You can schedule detailed daily ranking check PDF reports that AccuRanker delivers to your email address as frequently as you want. The share of voice function combines monthly searches and your rankings, so even beginners can understand these reports.

  • Sub-accounts: AccuRanker allows you to have multiple sub-accounts that you can control from your main account, which makes it useful for larger teams and multiple clients.

  • Multiple search engines: You can track keywords on Google, Bing and YouTube.


AccuRanker keyword discovery

AccuRanker pros & cons


AccuRanker dashboard competitors analysis

AccuRanker pros

  • High accuracy: AccuRanker is an accurate rank tracker, providing reliable data for SEO strategies by automatically updating its database every 24 hours.

  • User-friendly: Its simple user interface and simple setup make it easy for people new to SEO to use, while advanced features let more experienced users do more.

  • Historical data: You can evaluate the long-term impact of your SEO efforts due to the availability of historical data. You can click on the keyword and see previous search dates, ranks, estimated visitors and domain ranking history.

  • Individual data tracking: Desktop and mobile devices and regional search analytics are all monitored in their own granularity.

  • Google Data Studio integrations: Solid integrations with Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Data Studio, Adobe Analytics, and others.

  • Multiple geographical locations: AccuRanker offers twelve countries for keyword tracking, which is useful for businesses with multiple geo-locations.

  • Good customer support: Users have said their customer support is friendly and knowledgeable, which is key for new users.

AccuRanker cons

  • Pricing: Because of its potentially high cost, AccuRanker may not be suitable for smaller businesses operating on more constrained budgets. The most affordable plan offers tracking of 1000 keywords for EUR 129 per month.

  • Minor data inaccuracies: A few users have reported sporadic instances of inaccurate data; however, this problem is not particularly widespread.

  • Filtering options: You can filter keywords based on volume, rank, keyword groups, and domains, but not by individual pages.

  • Confusing reports: Metrics and reports are difficult to comprehend, especially if you don’t have any previous SEO knowledge.

  • Incomplete export functionality: The export functionality for ranking data is limited to PDF formats.

  • Limited free trial: AccuRanker offers a 14-day free trial to users with company emails, so individuals can’t test it for free.

AccuRanker pricing

AccuRanker offers a flexible pricing structure with various plans to accommodate diverse user requirements. The cost of rank tracking with AccuRanker is primarily determined by how many keywords you wish to track and the frequency of rank updates you require. The most affordable option for EUR 129 per month limits the user to 1000 keywords.

AccuRanker monthly pricing

AccuRanker yearly pricing plan

AccuRanker offers monthly and yearly subscriptions, both with a 14-day free trial for companies.

AccuRanker ratings

AccuRanker enjoys a solid reputation within the SEO community, as evidenced by its generally positive user reviews and ratings. Numerous users have praised this SEO tool and its exceptional precision in keyword rank tracking and its user-friendly, intuitive interface. 

The cons I’ve noticed are a bland user interface, high price, and more filtering options.

G2: 4,8

Software Advice: 4,8

Capterra: 4,8


AccuRanker user review

AccuRanker user review numer two

Why choose an alternative to AccuRanker

how to choose an alternative to AccuRanker


Although AccuRanker is, overall, a solid rank tracking tool, some users may turn to other SEO tools for a variety of reasons. These may include the fact that this tool offers limited options or one’s budgetary constraints, as AccuRanker’s pricing can be relatively expensive for smaller organizations. 

Those who prioritize different features, such as more advanced analytics or particular filtering options, may find that alternative tools better meet their needs. In addition, occasional data inaccuracies and large fluctuations in rankings may encourage users to seek out competitors.

Serpple – the best AccuRanker alternative 

You may consider me biased (yes, I am 🙂 ) but I would name Serpple as the best alternative out there. Whether you’re looking for a cost-effective solution, more advanced analytics, better keyword discovery opportunities, or other specific capabilities, Serpple aims to fill the void and offer SEO professionals and website owners a compelling alternative.

Serpple website image

Let’s examine why Serpple may be the best keyword rank tracking tool for your SEO needs.

Serpple dashborad

Serpple keyword tracking feature

Serpple features

Serpple provides a variety of features to meet the diverse requirements of SEO specialists and website owners. Serpple’s key characteristics include:

  • Keyword grouping: Serrple organizes keyword rankings by website page, allowing users to monitor how individual pages perform easily. This function aids in locating poorly performing pages and offers suggestions for improving your important keywords.

  • Competitor analysis: With Serrple’s competitor tracking feature, users can keep tabs on the organic progress of their competition and compare them to their own performance.  Users can always be one step ahead of the game with these insights.

  • Keyword research: Don’t just track keyword rankings; go a step further, as Serrple also displays the search volume for often-overlooked keywords. Users can find target keywords to focus on and expand their online profiles. The keyword ranking is similar to Google Search Console, with the addition of displaying featured snippets.

  • SERP analysis: You can click on any keyword and quickly analyze the whole SERP for it, which saves time on research.

  • Daily Google ranking updates: Serrple’s daily Google ranking updates have a remarkable precision of 99.9%. Current information ensures that users can make well-informed choices.

  • Integrations: You can find keyword opportunities by connecting Google Search Console, Google Ads and Google Search.

  • White-label ranking reports: Ranking reports can be “white-labeled” so that SEO firms and consultants can put their own names on the documents and deliver them to their clients.

  • Dynamic graphs: Users can see the effects of their SEO efforts in real time through interactive graphs that reveal patterns and shifts in their search engine rankings.

  • Email triggers: To stay on top of their SEO game, Serpplle users can set up email triggers to receive alerts when certain changes or improvements are necessary.

serpple cta

Serpple pros & cons

Serpple is an SEO toolkit known for its accuracy and affordable pricing. It is a great SEO rank tracker that can help and benefit your domain, especially if you are just starting. While Serpple is a great tool, it ultimately focuses on providing services to specific customers. 

Serpple pros

  • Accurate keyword tracking: Serpple provides accurate and current data on rank tracking and positions, making it easier to track the progress of SEO efforts.

  • Comprehensive dashboard: The Serpple dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of all relevant SEO data, such as keyword rankings, organic performance, and competitor analysis.

  • Year-round search history: With Serpple, users can access search volume data for up to a year, giving them ample time to spot trends and make necessary adjustments to their search engine optimization strategy.

  • Competitive intelligence: Serpple enables users to analyze the SEO strategies of their competitors, providing insights that can be used to enhance their own SEO efforts. It’s a great tool to build a successful SILO structure, too.

  • Desktop and mobile tracking: Serpple offers desktop and mobile search engine tracking, allowing users to track keywords, stay within the average rank or go above, and monitor the performance of their organic traffic across multiple devices.

  • Budget-friendly keyword tracking tool: Serpple is a useful SEO tool for freelancers with limited funds just as it is for entrepreneurs. You can track keywords for $19 per month.

  • Powerful UI and UX: An elegant interface that helps both experienced and beginners find what they are looking for.

  • Free trial: Serpple has a 14-day- free trial for all users, so both enterprises, agencies, and individuals can test the tool.

  • Good customer support: You can reach out to Serpple’s customer support via email if you have any questions or concerns.

Serpple cons

  • Limited to Google: So far, Serpple supports Google for rank tracking, which can be limiting for users who use other search engines.

Serpple pricing

Serpple offers a variety of pricing plans, beginning at $19 per month, with various features and options to meet the needs of businesses and SEO professionals. In addition, a $69 lifetime deal is available on AppSumo, making it an attractive option for some users.

SideHustler –- $19 per month

Entrepreneur – $29 per month

Agency – $99 per month

Serpple monthly pricing plan

If you choose a Serpple yearly plan, you get two months for free.

Serrple yearly pricing plan

This keyword tracker offers a 14-day free trial on all plans. No contracts needed.

Serpple user ratings

Users have rated Serpple positively, even though it is a relatively new tool with not many online reviews. Numerous users appreciate its intuitive interface, accurate keyword tracking, email notifications, and affordable pricing.

Capterra: 5.00

G2: 4,4/5

Serpple user rating

Serpple user rating number two

Why should you try Serpple?

Serpple is not your typical rank tracker; it boasts several competitive advantages that set it apart from other SEO tools. Here, we’ll discuss some of the key features that make Serpple a valuable asset for SEO professionals and website owners.

One standout feature is the ability to configure custom notifications for specific SERP events and actions. This level of customization empowers users to have more control over their SEO tracking, allowing them to focus on the most critical aspects of their website’s performance.

Serpple also offers a comprehensive keyword overview and notes function, giving users a holistic view of their keywords tab. Furthermore, users can add notes for each keyword data, making it easier to track insights and updates. The option of tracking branded vs non-branded keywords is available too.

Efficient keyword organization is facilitated by Serpple’s tag management feature. This feature streamlines the collection, storage, and examination of keyword-level statistics, improving SEO analysis.

To track keywords with Serpple all you need to do is:

  1. Add your domain

how to add your domain to Serpple

  1. Add keywords

how to track keywrods on Serpple how to add keywords on Serpple


  1. Track your keywords

how to track keyword rankings on Serpple

You can see your keywords ranking by pages or select list/greed view.

Tired of keeping constant track or keywords? No problem,  in addition to automated reports, Serpple allows users to generate scheduled reports on keyword performance, ensuring they receive regular updates on their website’s SEO performance. In addition, Serpple’s automated search engine position tracking helps businesses save time, money, and effort while improving their SEO performance.

The instant keyword position finder is a time-saving tool, as it allows users to quickly see where their keywords rank in SERPs, making it easier to monitor high-traffic keywords.

For SEO professionals and individuals managing multiple websites and keywords, Serpple enables the monitoring of different websites as individual projects.

Serpple goes beyond tracking and also aids in predicting future trends. It can predict which keywords will experience an increased search volume, allowing users to optimize their content for emerging trends and stay ahead of the competition.

Lastly, Serpple ensures up-to-date information through real-time tracking of SERPs. This feature is invaluable for staying competitive in the ever-evolving world of SEO, providing users with real-time data on their ranking distribution.

You can check if any of these features play a role for you and your business right now. Sign up for Serpple’s 14-day free trial and see which of the keyword rank tracking tools you should go for.

Comparison table




Instant daily refresh

Real-time reporting

Feature updates

Data accuracy



Local SEO sapabilities, integration with other SEO tools, customizable reports, comprehensive data analysis, user-friendly Interface, accurate keyword tracking, share of voice (Sov) Analysis, scheduled reports and alerts, mobile rank tracking, 14-day free trial without credit card

Affordable for beginner bloggers and small businesses, real-time ranking data with accuracy,

gives a snapshot of your performance on SERP, desktop and mobile tracking, provides 12-month search history, AI-powered platform, supports competitor AI and keyword research, 14-day free trial


Expensive, small numbers of keywords provided, not suitable for small businesses, less feature-rich than some other keyword tracking software products, not the greatest customer support

Tracks keywords on one search engine – Google


Starts from $19 per month

Starts from EUR 129 per month 

User ratings



Best for

SEO professionals, digital marketers, and website owners looking to enhance their keyword tracking, rank monitoring, and SEO performance analysis.

Caters to various users, including bloggers, SEO professionals, website owners, and marketing agencies looking to get precise KW data, expert insights, real-time updates and competitor performance analysis.

Both Serpple and AccuRanker are valuable tools for tracking short tail and long tail keywords in organic search. They excel in rank URL searches, offering insights into keyword age and search trends. Their ability to monitor search engine results makes them indispensable for SEO professionals. Your individual needs and preferences should determine which of the two you’ll go for.


AccuRanker provides an excellent platform for keyword research, tracking and analysis, with an intuitive interface and robust features. Serpple may be a compelling alternative for users looking for a more comprehensive service that is also cost-effective. Its affordability and extensive SEO capabilities make it an attractive option.

An individual’s needs and priorities should ultimately determine the choice between AccuRanker and Serpple. Consider your specific on-page SEO objectives and organic search needs, the SERP features you are looking to satisfy, your budget constraints, the link-building strategies you plan to enforce, and the feature set that best meets your needs.

Try Serpple for free today, and see how affected can your SEO rankings get with Serpple!

serpple cta

AccuRanker is a cloud-based SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tool that specializes in accurate rank tracking and analysis of keyword rank positions. Digital marketers and website owners use it frequently to track the performance of their web pages in search engine results pages (SERPs) for specific keywords. AccuRanker provides users with tools such as daily rank tracking, competitor analysis, and reporting to enhance their SEO strategies.

AccuRanker costs depend on your needs and keyword count. Each subscription level has different keywords and features, but the most affordable one is EUR 129 for 1000 keyword/month.

There are several alternatives to AccuRanker, the selection of which depends on your individual needs and budget. Examples of popular substitutes include Serpple, SEMrush, Ahrefs, Moz Pro, SERPstat, SE Ranking and SERPWatcher.

AccuRanker supports both Google and Bing, as well as YouTube as search engines for rank tracking.

Yes AccuRanker has a keyword discovery feature. It doesn’t predict trends like Serpple but you can analyse yoru own and competitor domains to find hidden gems.

The Keyword Suggestion tool from Serpple assists with SEO by generating a list of keywords related to your content that you can use in your article. It is comparable to the Google Keyword Planner. This tool can help improve your SEO strategy and drive more organic traffic to your website by recommending relevant keywords to target.

Yes. AccuRanker is a great rank tracking tool that offers daily updates, making it a valuable tool for staying on top of your search traffic. This information can further help you adjust your content based on Google’s algorithm and its changes.