Four Powerful Real-Time SEO Reporting Tools (2024)

real time reporting tools

If you’re wondering how to improve website rankings, you should act fast. SEO experts agree that the industry has never been more competitive than today and no one has the luxury to relax for a couple of days, knowing the intense pace at which the industry is changing.

The good news is that you don’t have to spend hours glued to your computer analyzing your SEO data manually. Several real-time SEO reporting tools help you always stay on top of your performance data.

I’ve chosen the four best SEO reporting tools suitable for agencies and businesses of different sizes. Keep reading to learn more.

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Top Four Real-time SEO reporting tools


serpple dashboard

Serpple is a powerful SEO reporting software specialized in keyword rank tracking, competitive analysis and helping you optimize your content for search engines.

Extreme user-friendliness and ease of use make this tool stand out from other SEO reporting tools, along with real-time data and supreme accuracy.

You can use Serpple  for your own business, but it’s also one of the best SEO reporting software for digital agencies and digital marketers due to sharable real-time reports. It’s also one of the best SEO tools for freelancers as we have a special plan tailored to their needs.

  • Features: Live sharable reports: You can share live web reports with your clients simply by sending them a link to a page where they can check the latest keyword score, today’s updates, changes in keyword rankings, and many other metrics.
  • Automated reports: You can schedule the reports to be sent to your or your client’s email as often as you’d like. Our SEO reports come both in PDF and CSV format and can be white labeled, making them a great option for SEO agencies that share reports with their clients.
  • Real-time alerts: Our keyword tracking tool sends you email notifications whenever your keyword rankings or one of your backlinks change.
  • Daily ranking updates: Serpple provides fresh Google ranking updates, and Google SERP features every day with 99.9% accuracy.

    Here are three types of reports you can create:

  1. Live reports
    You can create live web reports and share them with your clients or colleagues through the link. Add your website domain to your Serpple profile, and we’ll generate a live report link that you can copy and share with others.

As you can see in the picture below, you can choose the data and widgets you want to include in the report.
serpple reports feature dashboard

2. Automated reports
If you want to schedule reports to be sent on a regular basis, you can do so by:

  1. Adding the recipient’s email
  2. Choosing the frequency, whether you want to automate daily, weekly or monthly reports
  3. Choosing the format of the report (CSV or PDF)
    reports options

3. White label reports
You can create professional white-label reports by adding your logo and writing a custom message for your clients. You can further customize the report by choosing the metrics you want to include.

white label reports on serpple

Serpple is more than an SEO reporting tool: you can use it to spy on your competitors, do on-page optimization and find low-hanging fruit keywords through our keyword research tool.

I’ve also created many tutorials and useful content, such as this guide on proven link-building strategies.


  • Real-time data
  • Live sharable reports
  • Instant updates
  • White-labeling

    We have three plans fitting all budgets and needs:

  • Side hustler: $19 per month (the most convenient Rank Tracker alternative for freelancers)
  • Entrepreneur: $29 per month (the most popular plan)
  • Agency: $99 per month (up to 15,000 instant refreshes and instant keyword searches per month, ideal for large agencies with a lot of clients)
    You can try out all plans with a 14-day free trial. Test them today!

serpple pricing

User ratings:
Many users are impressed by Serpple’s ease of use combined with real-time results and instant notifications helping you stay on track with your SEO performance at every moment.

Capterra: 5

G2: 4.6

serpple user review


ahrefs dashboard


Ahrefs is a full-suite SEO tool, suitable for experienced professionals and large companies that want to monitor all factors to rank higher on Google. It has one of the largest keyword databases, but it updates keyword rankings only once a week.


  • Automated email alerts: You can schedule weekly alerts about changes in your rankings, new or lost backlinks and brand mentions.
  • Real-time web crawler: Ahrefs is the most active web crawler among all SEO tools and the third most active globally, right after Google and Bing. It collects real-time data on backlinks and any common SEO mistakes on your website, helping you fix your technical SEO.
  • Comprehensive reports: Ahrefs has some of the most comprehensive reports allowing you to see a complete picture of your SEO performance including metrics like indexability distribution and Hreflang link graph. You can also use them to analyze SERP competitor rankings and do site audits. That being said, the number of metrics can be a bit overwhelming, especially for beginners who might not even need all of them.


  • Database with over 12 billion keywords
  • Largest backlink index
  • Many integrations like Google Analytics

    Ahrefs has four pricing plans:

  • Lite: starting at $99 per month
  • Standard: starting at $199 per month
  • Advanced: starting at $399 per month
  • Enterprise: starting at $999 per month

    If you purchase the annual plan, you can get two months for free.

There are two things to keep in mind:

  • All of the plans have only one user seat, and if you want to add more people, you’ll have to pay an extra $50 per person per month.
  • All plans come with a limited number of credits and every action and each click cost you credits. Of course, it’s possible to purchase additional credits, but the price quickly adds up.

ahrefs pricing

User ratings:
Ahref’s users can be divided into two groups: experienced SEO professionals who love this all-in-one SEO tool and those with less experience who might find it overwhelming.

Capterra: 4.8

G2: 4.5
ahrefs user ratings

serpple cta


moz dashboard


Moz is a comprehensive SEO software whose strongest features are crawl diagnostics and link monitoring. It comes with many customizable SEO reports that can be scheduled and automated.


Automated reports: You can set up your SEO reports to be automatically delivered to your clients or stakeholders with the frequency you choose, whether daily, weekly or monthly.

Custom reports: Moz’s reports are based on the drag-and-drop principle, and you can build each report by adding charts and graphs. There’s also a lot of room for customization, as you can add your notes, comments and highlights.

Issue alerts: Moz crawls your website regularly and sends you updates and alerts if it finds any issues, such as fixing keyword cannibalization. Unfortunately, it crawls websites only once a week, so the alerts are not sent in real-time when the issue appears.


  • 24/7 online customer support
  • Customizable templates
  • White-labeling


  • Standard: $99 per month (only one user*)
    Medium: $179 per month (two user seats)
    Large: $299 per month (three user seats)
    Premium: $599 per month (five user seats)
    *You can get additional seats with every plan for $49 per month per seat.

If you opt for an annual plan, you’ll get a 20% discount.

There’s also a 30-day free trial to test all the features.

moz pricing

User ratings:
Users are generally satisfied with the quality of data, but some of them mentioned a steep learning curve that comes with this tool. 

Capterra: 4.5

G2: 4.3

moz user ratings


spyfu dashboard


SpyFu is a tool you can use for both PPC and SEO reporting, which is why it’s popular in some marketing agencies. As the name says, it focuses on spying on your competitors to generate actionable insights for improving your content and ads.


  • SEO and PPC reports: SpyFu offers comprehensive reports and data from Google Search Console, so you can use It to track your Google ads and SEO campaigns. The only downside is that the data is updated only once a week.
  • Missed opportunity reports: This SEO reporting tool highlights all the missed opportunities for optimizing your content and improving your SEO strategy, based on competitor analysis.
  • Rival Flow AI: While writing an article, this feature identifies gaps between your articles and articles that outrank you on Google, providing you with real-time suggestions on things you can improve to fill the gap.


  • Both SEO and PPC reports
  • AI competitor analysis
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Basic: $39 per month (includes small domain SEO report and PPC report)
    Professional: $79 per month (includes all types of custom reports + white-labeling)
    *If you opt for an annual plan, you’ll get a 20% discount.

The tool comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

spyfu pricing

User ratings:
Many users mentioned that this tool is easy to use and intuitive, but its data accuracy is not always the best. For example, its results are sometimes very different than those of other SEO tools.

Capterra: 4.5

G2: 4.6
spyfu user ratings


If you’re looking for an SEO reporting software that updates in real-time providing you with the freshest data while also being super accurate and user-friendly, Serpple is the tool for you.

It goes beyond reporting, providing meaningful insights to boost your Google search visibility and organic traffic and outrank your competitors.

It’s suitable both for beginners and SEO professionals, due to its great design and advanced features. Get your 14-day free trial today!

serpple cta

It refers to tracking keyword rankings at all times and constantly monitoring your SEO performance. It can also refer to setting up instant alerts in case of any changes or issues and adjusting your strategy according to algorithm updates.

Many SEO tools allow you to automate and schedule SEO reports, so you don’t have to manually track anything. With Serpple, you can get daily reports on your rankings and real-time alerts on all SERP changes.

Choose an SEO reporting software and enter your domain. Choose the SEO metrics you want to track and the frequency you want to get reports (daily, weekly, monthly). Some tools allow you to customize your reports by adding custom fields.

Serpple is the best automated SEO reporting software. It updates daily and provides you with real-time data with 99.9% accuracy.