Accuranker vs Ahrefs vs Serpple: The 2024 Comparison

ahrefs vs accuranker comparison

AccuRanker and Ahrefs are two big players in the SEO field, but they both come with a price, so it’s normal that you want to get as much info as possible before deciding which tool to purchase.

The biggest difference is that Ahrefs comes with a truckload of features (that you probably haven’t even heard of and are not sure whether you really need them) while AccuRanker has a more narrow focus, and its strongest point is rank tracking, as you could guess from its name.

If you’re looking for a first-hand opinion on the Accuranker vs Ahrefs clash, you’re in the right place. As an SEO expert with over 20 years of experience, I’ve thoroughly tested both tools to save you time and help you make the right decision.

Accuranker Vs Ahrefs: a detailed comparison

I’ll now show you the results from the testing, focusing on the key features, user experience and pricing plans of both tools to help you get a comprehensive overview and evaluate their value for money.

Accuranker Vs Ahrefs: features

Rank Tracking

AccuRanker is one of the fastest rank trackers on the market, as you can get real-time updates.

There are also comprehensive graphs showing how your rankings changed over time.

The tool allows you to track your top 10 ranking competitors, with the possibility to add another 10 websites whose rankings you want to track.

Both AccuRanker and Ahrefs allow you to see the Share of Voice – showing you what percentage of clicks from organic search traffic went to your website.

accuranker rank tracking dashboard


Ahrefs is a decent rank-tracking tool with all the standard features for keyword tracking.

It stands out for its robust historical data. The more expensive plans allow you to access historical data from up to five years ago, which is more than most other SEO tools offer.

Another difference is that thanks to its Keyword Explorer, you can get more information about the keywords tracked, such as estimated search volume, CPC, ranking progress and so on.

ahrefs rank tracking dashboard


On the other hand, if you’re still unsure how to track search engine rankings properly, I’ve got you covered.

If you’re using Serpple, all you have to do is enter your website URL and keywords for which you want to track rankings or use our suggestions and Competitor AI tool to see the keywords your competitors rank for.

Let me break down the numbers for you – Serpple is three times cheaper than AccuRanker and Ahrefs.

You can track up to 500 keywords for only $29 per month, while you’d have to pay €129 and $99 for the same number of keywords to AccuRanker and Ahrefs.

Serpple is also ideal for small businesses and freelancers who track limited amounts of keywords, as our $19 plan allows you to track up to 100 keywords, while AccuRanker and Ahrefs smallest plans start over $100.

Data Accuracy
While doing my AccuRanker review, I was surprised to discover that AccuRanker is more accurate than most SEO tools on the market. Keyword rankings and its database not only get updated every 24 hours, but you can also request an on-demand refresh whenever you want and get real-time updates.

You can also schedule daily reports or get real-time notifications whenever there’s a change in your keyword ranks.

accuranker data accuracy

Ahrefs might be able to provide you with more data than AccuRanker (because it has more features), but its data is not always accurate or up-to-date. 

Many marketers have noted that Ahref’s search volume estimates sometimes tend to be off and vastly different from the other tools that follow keyword research best practices.

Moreover, the biggest downside of Ahrefs’ rank tracker is that by default, you get rank tracking updates only once a week, which is less than most other tools and might make you lose your competitive advantage.

ahrefs data accuracy


With its 99.9% accuracy, Serpple has more precise results than Ahrefs, especially regarding long-tail keyword research and discovering keyword opportunities.

SERP Analysis

AccuRanker allows you to do real-time local SERP analysis that goes down to cities and districts and compares results for mobile and desktop platforms.

Thanks to the extensive SERP history, AccuRanker helps you understand which SERP features drive the most traffic to your website and which SERP features are responsible for your competitors’ website’s performance so you can adjust your strategy accordingly.

accuranker serp analysis dashboard


Ahrefs is a great tool for local SERP analysis, as you can analyze SERP results from 243 countries. Moreover, it allows you to do in-depth analysis and get data on 15 different SERP features, from featured snippets to image and video packs and different types of ads.

ahrefs serp analysis


If you don’t have time to monitor SERP features daily, I feel you. That’s the exact reason why I’ve developed the SERP Notification Ranking feature. Serpple is the first SEO tool that notifies you of any change in SERP, so you can go on with your work without feeling that you’ll miss out on something.

Third-party integrations

AcuuRanker integrates with a variety of SEO, analytics and other tools. You can import data from the following tools and use it in AccuRanker:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Data Studio
  • Adobe Analytics
  • Google Sheets
  • Databox

What’s more, they’re constantly adding new integrations, and you can even request a new integration on their website.

While AccuRanker might have many integrations, remember that it’s necessary as some essential features like website audit are missing. 

If you want more than simple keyword tracking, you’d probably have to combine AccuRanker with some other SEO software and pay double.

Accuranker dashboard


Ahrefs also integrates with Google Analytics and Google Search Console, as well as with some CMS, CRM and marketing tools, and it can analyze social media signals and their impact on SEO.

ahrefs dashboard


Accuranker Vs Ahrefs: pricing

Accuranker pricing plan is flexible as it depends on the number of keywords you want to track.

It starts at €129 per month for up to 1,000 keywords and can go up to €2,769 per month for up to 50,000 keywords. If you choose the annual plan, you can get a 10% discount.

The best thing is that every plan comes with an unlimited number of users, and there are no hidden add-ons.

For more information, you can check out the chart below that’s taken from their pricing page and see how much you’d have to pay for your volume of keywords.

accuranker pricing

There’s also a 14-day free trial to test their features before purchasing.

On the other hand, Ahrefs has four pricing plans:

  • Lite: starting at $99 per month (up to 750 keywords tracked, for small businesses)
  • Standard: starting at $199 per month (up to 2,000 keywords tracked, for freelance SEO and marketing consultants)
  • Advanced: starting at $399 per month (up to 5,000 keywords tracked, for larger marketing teams)
  • Enterprise: starting at $999 per month (up to 10,000 keywords tracked, for large agencies and enterprises)
    If you pay annually, you’ll get two months for free.

Unfortunately, every plan comes with limited users and credits that get used when you perform certain actions.

By default, only one user is included in each plan, apart from the Enterprise plan, which is custom-made. Of course, you can add additional users for $50/user/month, and it’s also possible to purchase extra credits, but the price quickly adds up.

Ahrefs doesn’t have a free trial, but some of its features are available for free, although they’re limited (keyword research, SERP checker, backlink checker, etc)

ahrefs pricing

serpple cta

Accuranker Vs Ahrefs: UI/UX

Accuranker has a clear and minimalistic interface that’s very intuitive and easier to use than Ahrefs. The only thing that is a bit confusing is its reports, which are difficult to interpret due to the amount of data and metrics.

accuranker UI UX


Ahrefs has a more complex interface with a steep learning curve, and it can take you a while to get used to it. There are too many options that are not necessary for the majority of people and can be overwhelming. If you want to compare it with a simpler tool, check out my Mangools vs Ahrefs review.

Accuranker UI UX


Accuranker Vs Ahrefs: use cases and user ratings

AccuRanker can be a good option for a simple yet reliable rank-tracking software. It’s suitable both for small and large businesses as you can add unlimited users without additional costs.

On the con side, it lacks some SEO features that many other tools have, such as site audit and on-page optimization. If that’s important to you, check these AccuRanker alternatives.

User ratings

G2: 4.8

Capterra: 4.8

Accuranker user ratings

Ahrefs can be a good option for experienced SEO professionals and large agencies looking for a comprehensive tool with many SEO features. However, it may not be suitable for beginners as you probably won’t even need half of the features and might find it confusing and frustrating.

User ratings

G2: 4.5

Capterra: 4.8

ahrefs user ratings

How does Serpple compare to Accuranker and Ahrefs?

Did you know you can get similar features and excellent user experience for just a fraction of the price you’d pay for Accuranker and Ahrefs?

Here are just some of the reasons why I believe that Serpple is the best rank-tracking software on the market:

  • Supreme data accuracy
  • Daily updates
  • Real-time notifications
  • Discovering keyword opportunities
  • AI competitor analysis
  • Future trends prediction

Let’s start with rank-tracking. When I envisioned Serpple, real-time rank tracking was a non-negotiable for me. Our database updates once a day, and you get daily updates in your email.

What’s more, we guarantee 99.9% accuracy when it comes to results. As you can see, everything is shown visually on our dashboard it’s easy to see which keywords’ rankings dropped and which ones increased.

Serpple is an extremely intuitive SEO software with modern dashboards and both beginners and professionals can get a lot out of it.

serple dashboard keyword rankings

Serpple can also predict future trends and keyword opportunities you can rank for. 

It provides you with high-impact low-difficult keywords that you can rank for before your competitors and get some ideas for new content.

Talking about competitors, you can easily monitor all of them in a single dashboard and get notified when they outrank you or add a new keyword that you might also want to use, making Serpple the best competitor keyword analysis tool.

serpple competitor analysis tool

Now that you’ve gathered insights from Serpple’s Competitor AI tracker, our SEO software provides you with an on-page site audit and actionable tips on how to optimize your website better and outrank your competitors.

serpple dashboard page score summary

You can connect your Google Search Console to import data. Since we’re constantly working on adding new features and integrations, we’re open to hearing clients’ suggestions.

And how much would all this cost you? Less than you probably think!

The pricing starts at $19 per month, and it depends on the number of keywords you want to track. There are three plans:

  • Side Hustler: $19 per month (up to 100 keywords, great SEO tool for freelancers and solopreneurs)
  • Entrepreneur: $29 per month (up to 500 keywords, excellent for small and medium agencies)
  • Agency: $99 per month (up to 3,000 keywords, excellent for large agencies and enterprises)

*If you get an annual subscription, you’ll get two months for free.

serpple pricing

Check out Serpple’s website, to discover lesser-known SEO tips that I’ve personally come up with based on my experience, such as how to use long-tail keywords in image optimization, proven link-building strategies and many other hidden gems.

Comparison table






Instant daily refresh


Real-time reporting

Not mentioned

Feature updates

If needed



Data accuracy




On-demand data refresh




Not great



Robust historical data




Starting at $99

Starting at €129

Starting at $19

User ratings




Best for

Large companies and agencies with big budgets

Agencies with big budgets focused only on rank-tracking

Digital marketing agencies and businesses of all sizes including SMB and freelancers


Let me guess. Before reading this article, you thought you’d either have to break the bank for an advanced SEO tool or settle for an average tool that fits your budget.

You no longer have to choose between advanced features, supreme accuracy and sticking to your budget.

Serpple is both a user-friendly and budget-friendly tool that will provide you with expert insights while helping you improve your rankings and overall SEO strategy.

Get a free trial, and you’ll never look back.

serpple cta

Ahrefs is more accurate when it comes to keyword difficulty and backlink analysis but Semrush has more precise search volume estimates and it’s better for keyword research because it has the largest keyword database.

There’s no free plan or free trial, but some of the features are free, for example, keyword generator, SERP checker and backlink checker. However, the things you can do with the free features are very limited.

Ahrefs is well-known as one of the oldest and most comprehensive all-in-one SEO tools on the market.

Semrush is one of the oldest SEO tools and its brand is well-known, but today there are many equal or even better alternatives for a much more convenient price.