Track and compare your Competitors

After getting your director competitors list, you can click on any competitors to get a deep analysis.

After choosing the competitor, click the competitor’s title name to compare the matched keywords’ data.

Track Competitor-1


In the competitor analysis panel, on the left side, you can see the logo of your project vs your competitors’ project.

Track Competitor-2


This widget displays both your and your competitor’s activities on separate paddings to give a clear view.

Track Competitor-3


In the activity of your project domain, you can see the improved, declined, and first sections of your matched keywords with competitors.

Note: Here you can only see the inclusive progress of your matching keywords with your chosen competitor, not all your used keywords.

This will help to compare your keyword progress with your competitor’s for those matched keywords you both are edging on.

Serpple Score:

Serpple score is provided separately for both your project domain and your competitors. The score is evaluated out of 100 based on the matching keywords rankings.

Track Competitor-4

The violet color upward arrow signifies the improvement in the score for your overall matched keywords.

The red color downward arrow signifies the decline in the Serpple score for your overall matched keywords.


Here, you can check your featured snippets detected for the number of matching keywords and also the same for your competitors.

And also spot Ads for those numbers of matching keywords for that particular project of yours and your competitor’s as well.

Track Competitor-5

In addition, you can monitor the change in review ratings for the number of matching keywords for that particular project of yours and your competitor’s as well.

Total keywords:

Near the total keywords, you’ll find the number of matching keywords.

Track Competitor 6 | Serpple

This panel helps you to gain knowledge about the rank of each matched keyword of your competitors for a day, a week, and a couple of weeks.

The other Keyword metrics and all vital SERP features for those matched keywords will get displayed in the table below the total keywords.


The action represents SERP changes on google because serpple tracks keywords only on Google.

Track Competitor-7

You can see the Google logo features in front of every keyword.


Here you can see every keyword of your competitors.

The keyword section indicated the ranking fluctuations of your competitors with upward and downward arrow marks.

The upward arrow denotes the improvement in your competitors’ matched keyword rankings.

The downward arrow denotes the decline in the competitor’s matched keywords’ rankings.

Before each keyword, you can find the rank history of those keywords.

Track Competitor-8

The rank history compares your and your competitor’s ranking fluctuations only for the number of matched keywords.

This helps you to compare and evaluate easily.

In the graph, the violet color denotes the performance of your matched keywords and the red color denotes the keyword performance of your competitors.

You can compare your matched keyword rankings for a day, over a months’ or even a year.

The link to competitors’ sites will be available below each keyword.

On the right side of the total keywords table, you see your rank first denoted with a lavender shade and then your competitor’s rank gets featured next to it.

Next to competitor rank, you can see the competitor’s best rank of that particular matched keyword.

And in this table, the green color shows improvement in your competitor and your matched keyword rankings.

The red color shows a decline in your competitor and your matched keyword rankings.

Right next to the day’s analysis, competitors’ SERP snippets will be shown.

The volume will be portrayed next to SERP. This indicates the volume of a particular keyword.

Track Competitor-9

Hope that you will find this description useful. And be aware that you are doing it in this way the same as in the description. You can make a call with us for any clarifications and doubts.