How to Add Keywords?

Add Keywords

To add the keywords, go to the “Keywords” page. There are two ways to go to the “Keywords” Page.

1. The first one is by selecting it in the Sidebar of the platform


add keywords


2. And the other one is from the “Dashboard” page by clicking the “Keywords” option at the top of that page.


add keywords


From the following one of these ways, you will be directed to the “Keywords” page. On the “Keywords” page, click the “Add Keywords” button in the top right corner of the page.


add keywords


After clicking it, you will be taken to the “Add keywords” page. This is the place where to add new keywords to the Serpple by entering the keyword details in the required fields.


add keywords


Project Domain:

This is a pre-defined field, where the domain name of the project is displayed.

URL Slug:

In this field, you have to enter the slug. This will be helpful to find the ranking position in SERP for the keywords by identifying the SERP results contains with this exact URL.

If any other URLs with your domain are ranked in SERP rather than the slug you have entered, then Serpple won’t show you that.

Note: This field is optional. You can leave this field if you don’t want to track the exact URL in SERP.


By clicking the “down arrow” in the right corner of this field, choose a region among the 189 regions in the field by scrolling. This was the region where the keyword rankings should be tracked.


By clicking the “down arrow” in the right corner of this field, choose a language among the 124 languages in the field by scrolling.


Choose the device to track the keywords rankings either desktop or mobile by clicking the icons provided with device names.


Add the keywords in the required field to track the rankings. Separate every keyword with the COMMA or ENTER key.

Also import keywords by uploading CSV or text file by clicking the option which is located above the top right corner of the keyword required field.

The number of Keywords will be limited as per plan. And the remaining number of keywords from the limit is shown below the bottom right corner of the required field for better understanding.

Add Tags:

These Tags are used to categorize the keywords to view and understand every particular tag effectively.

By using the “Grid” option on the “Keywords” page, anyone can view the keywords that were divided by the tags that have been added in this “Add Tags” field.

Add the tags in the required field to divide the keywords. Separate every tag with the COMMA or ENTER key.

Note: This “Add Tags” field is optional, if there is no need for this “Add tags” field, then click the “disable” option above the top right of the required field.

After completing all these required fields, click the “Add Keywords” option at the bottom of the page. Then the ranking of the added keywords will be updated on the “Keywords” page.

I hope you find this article useful and solve your doubt about adding new keywords to your project. If you have any other doubts search for relevant help articles or contact our support team by using the live chat widget on the bottom right corner of the website or send your query to [email protected].