Regular Refresh Vs. Instant Refresh

Keyword position monitoring is supposed to be accurate as advanced as it gets.

To check your updated ranking positions globally using our Serpple Rank tracker you need to do the following.

Serpple offers its users a regular and instant refresh. And, it is the instant refresh feature we provide attributes to the 99.5 % accuracy of user ranking data.

Eager to know what are regular and Instant refreshes in Serpple?

Regular Refresh

On a regular basis, Serpple will crawl your keywords automatically and come up with updated ranking positions and other SERP metrics. This automated process will happen every day exactly before 7:00 A.M in your geographic location.

Instant Refresh

Apart from the regular refresh that happens every day, you can manually refresh all your keywords for a particular project. Refreshing a keyword or your list of keywords at your convenience helps you get updated ranking data instantly.

Regular Refresh Instant Refresh
For users in need of reliable rankings
every day.
For users in need of accurate and
unbiased SEO rankings and reporting
any time any day.

Users can plot their SEO strategy with the freshly updated ranking data and keyword metrics by checking their rankings
exactly on or before 7:00 A.m in their time zone.



To plot a powerful SEO strategy users can collect fresh metrics and update ranking data with SERP changes at any point in time.




Average tracking of your keywords positions, competitors’ keywords, and ranking fluctuations can be handled with ease.

Monitor your keywords positions, spy on your competitors’ matching keywords, and other metrics effectively with 99.5% accuracy.

How Does the Regular Refresh in Serpple Work?

After registering with Serpple to claim your access to the platform, you’ll get redirected to the ‘Add Projects’ page and fill in the credentials such as your domain, region, website URL, etc.

Add Project

And after having added your project, based on your region and geographical location, Serpple will crawl your keywords and come up with updated ranking positions and other SERP metrics exactly before 7:00 A.M.

This is how our Regular refresh operates.

Let’s say our Serpple bots have done their instant crawl as per scheduled timing based on your geographic location on or before 7:00 A.M and have fetched ranking results.

And you are checking your rankings after two days. The platform will show your keyword rankings tracked by our bot after the scheduled regular refresh.

keywords instant refresh

The results will not get an auto-update if there occur any SERP changes in between the timeframe.

How to Use the Instant Refresh in Serpple?

To get accurate results and stay updated with SERP changes you can use our instant refresh.

You can manually refresh all your keywords for a particular project by selecting the actions option above the keywords table on the keywords page.

Then select the refresh button in the top right corner to manually refresh all your keywords.

keywords Instant refresh

And, you can also get updated metrics and ranking positions for specifically selected keywords.

Select a particular keyword you wish to get fresh results for.

Then click on the instant refresh button.

Specific keyword refresh

That’s it! You can get your rankings updated based on your SERP changes.

Serpple rank tracker provides your authentic results with regular refreshes and guarantees 99.5% ranking accuracy with its instant refresh feature.

That’s why Serpple has got the number of instant refreshes mentioned for each plan. You can either opt for an instant or regular refresh. Pricing Instant refresh | Serpple

And, if you are choosing the regular refresh plan you will have no details of the instant refresh provided.PricingPlan regularref So, to stay informed with fresh ranking updates choose your pricing plans accordingly.

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Happy Serppling with 99.5% accuracy.